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Tass Thistle raise the football standard in the Three Towns

Tass Thistle are kicking off an exciting new partnership with the world’s number 1 soccer skills teaching method, Coerver® Coaching. Starting in August 2015, Tass Thistle will become one of a small number of clubs across Scotland to be an official Coerver® Partner Club.

Coerver® Coaching has for the last 31 years worked with the game’s leading clubs and federations around the globe. The specialist method focus on developing players Skills, Speed, Stamina, Sense and Spirit. Both Tass Thistle and Coerver® both celebrated their 30th anniversary in 2014, so it is very fitting that these 31-year-old organisations are coming together to support the development of local players and coaches.

120 children from Ardrossan, Saltcoats and Stevenston from age five upwards will get top quality football coaching from Coerver’s expert coaches over the next year. Coaches at Tass Thistle will also have ongoing education in delivering the Coerver® method during team training sessions.

John Slavin, Tass secretary, said: “Tass have a few coaches using Coerver methods and we could see how effective they were in developing our young players. We really wanted the whole club to benefit and this is an ideal way to do it.

“This partnership is a fantastic opportunity to bring the club together in pursuit of excellence and help create a club philosophy which will take Tass and our coaches and players to new heights.

“It’s also a great accolade as we are the first club in Ayrshire to become an official Coerver® Partner Club. We can’t wait to get started and the players and coaches are really excited about it.”

Tass chairman Alex Tulloch said it was credit to the club that the parents, players and coaches embraced the innovative partnership.

He added: “We’re so grateful to the parents for their positive response which has allowed us to take the partnership forward and in turn, will help their children’s football education to flourish.

“Tass have always had a reputation for creating strong players and winning teams and this partnership with Coerver® will help keep us ahead of the game.”

Coerver® Coaching Scotland Director Joe Jones said: “Since 1984, Coerver® Coaching has been at the forefront of youth player development and our aim is to continue this.

“We want to develop skilful, confident, creative, game changing players. 

“Our Partner Club programme which provides specialist support in a number of areas. This includes Technical Coaching for the players, Coach Education for the clubs coaches, age specific session planning and access to cutting edge learning resources such as videos and training drills.”

Many High-profile names in the game who have been taught by Coerver®, or who use Coerver® to coach, say it improves co-ordination, balance, ball mastery and encourages players to use both feet. Former Scotland star John Collins, now Celtic assistant manager, first encountered Coerver® as a teenager.

He said: “It’s all part of developing young players because you’ve got to have the tools. If you’re a tradesman, you can’t do your job unless you have a toolbox. Football is the same. You can’t be a football player unless you’ve got the tools. The tools of a football player are: being two-footed, good balance, co-ordination, tempo and a good first touch. That’s a big part of what Coerver® works on, the important aspects of the game.”

The first coaching session will be held in August.

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TASS Thistle FC: Thirty years on – still going strong.

TASS Thistle Football Club is this year (2014) celebrating their 30th anniversary as the premier youth football set-up on the three towns…

Launched back on 1984 with just one team and 16 kids, the club has gone from strength to strength, offering local boys and girls the opportunity to play football regularly and with qualified coaches.

Nowadays there are teams ranging from age five to sixteen years old, with boys and girls represented in local leagues and cups.

Over the years TASS sides have enjoyed trips abroad to various countries including the USA, Canada, Sweden, Ireland and throughout the rest of the UK. 

It is not surprising, having been around for so long, that some of our players have gone on to feature for their country and make it at higher levels.  Around 20 players over the years have played at pro-youth level or above, as well as various players going on to represent their country.

TASS have had a huge success over the years and won various trophies, cups and leagues.  The success is fundamentally due to the input and support provided by our volunteer coaches and those parents who help out.  Without them there is no club, no kids and no football. 

TASS Team Photo

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